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Dr. Shruti Chavan Elevates the CDSI Goa Conference with Her Expertise in Cosmetic Dermatology

In a field as dynamic and ever-changing as cosmetic dermatology, the annual Cosmetic Dermatology Society of India (CDSI) conference in Goa stands as a beacon for innovation and knowledge sharing. This year, the conference was graced by the presence of Dr. Shruti Chavan, who brought her extensive experience and skill set to the table, particularly in the realm of chemical peels.

About CDSI and the Goa Conference

Founded by the Dr. Rekha Sheth, CDSI has become a cornerstone for dermatologists hailing from India and even neighboring Nepal. The annual conference, typically held in August or September, serves as a platform for experts to share knowledge and techniques. This year's conference in Goa featured a plethora of workshops and lectures, including those on chemical peels, lasers, and threads.

A Masterclass in Chemical Peels by Dr. Shruti Chavan

The workshop served as an exhaustive guide to chemical peels, a treatment Dr. Chavan has successfully employed for various skin conditions like acne, melasma, and pigmentation on her decade-long career and a clientele exceeding 1,000 individuals. The session included lectures, one-on-one conversations, and live demonstrations, providing attendees with a 360-degree understanding of the treatment's nuances.

The Essence of the Conference: Knowledge Sharing

"It's always a pleasure to meet peers and newcomers in the field. These gatherings are not just about learning; they're also about community building"

Dr. Chavan remarked. The event attracted a crowd of approximately 2,000 professionals from all corners of India, with the chemical peel workshop alone drawing the attention of a few dozen doctors.

Looking Ahead

While Dr. Chavan confirmed her participation in next year's conference, she also noted that the selection of workshop topics is a collaborative effort, reflecting the community-driven spirit of CDSI.

Dr. Shruti Chavan's contributions to the CDSI Goa conference were not just a testament to her expertise but also a valuable addition to the collective wisdom of the dermatology community. For those seeking top-tier dermatological treatments, Dr. Chavan practices at Youthville Clinic, our state-of-the-art facility offering a wide array of treatments.

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